Innovator Visa's 

(previously Tier 1 Immigration Visa's)

What is an Innovator Visa?


In the UK, the Government used to operate the Tier 1 Visa scheme, which allowed foreign nationals to come to the UK to live  and work.


In 2019 they replaced it with the Innovator Visa Programme which allows foreign nationals to enter the UK if they are investing in businesses in the UK.

How do Funding Nav help with Visas?

We act on behalf of international private clients and their families to source, qualify and manage tailored private equity investments directly into unlisted UK companies. 


We are closely aligned with UK Government policy on inward investment and the Innovator Visa Programme.


We recognise that this flow of investment provides growth capital to fund aspiring entrepreneurs and invigorate small UK companies. UK business growth is vital to expand the economy, create jobs and sustain communities. It also provides a flow of diverse cultural and professional skills from all over the world into the UK.

How do you Invest as a Foreign National?

If you are an investor, we can introduce you to a wide range of projects with the potential to deliver excellent returns. Because all our investments are Tier 1 qualifying, they also provide a route to UK residency. Suppose you are a UK business looking for investment. In that case, we can help you secure the financial backing you need to fund expansion and realise potential.

The Two Routes to a UK visa
The UK Government recognises the value that foreign intellectual and financial capital can bring to the economy. As such,  they offer two different visa programmes to help investors move to the UK.

​The Innovator Visa
​This programme is suitable if you have £50,000 minimum but more realistically c£200,000 available to invest in the UK and are willing to work in innovation.

The Investor Visa
This programme is suitable if you have £2m under your control in a UK-regulated bank. There is no need for you to work in a UK entity.


Please contact us on 020 3633 9676 to arrange a meeting or alternatively fill in our contact form, whether you are an investor or an enterprise seeking investment.

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