The Corona Virus Business Opportunity.

There is no question that the current health emergency has the potential to totally destabilize the world of business. Airlines, hotels, cinemas, high street retailers and restaurants are already warning of imminent collapse and Richard Branson is appealing to the government to bail out the airline industry which is basically grounded. On the flip side vaccine researchers, online retailers, home entertainment businesses, insolvency practitioners and of course undertakers are all lined up to profit from the current hysteria.

Everyone has become an armchair epidemiologist these past couple of weeks which is a profession few of us had even heard of last month as we watched the unfolding drama in China never imagining that we, ourselves would be centre stage so soon.

But the impact of the actual disease on the world is tiny. At the time of writing there have been 6,000 deaths over a couple of months and China and Korea have demonstrated that the momentum is reversible. Compare this to the deaths attributable so far this year to seasonal flu- 100,000 or deaths of mothers giving birth this year- 63,000 or deaths from Aids- 342,000, deaths from cancer 1.7m, smoking 1m, alcohol related deaths of over 500,000, suicides of over 200,000 and road traffic fatalities of 275,000. The fact is that there are about 150,000 deaths every day in the world of which about 100,000 are age related which is precisely what he majority of CV19 deaths are.

So, if you accept that at some point public order will return and humanity will get on top of this inconvenient disease you really only have two jobs as a business owner-

1) Survive- Basically don't run out of cash. Use all means at your disposal to ensure that your business re positions itself to work in the current environment.

2) Thrive- The opportunities available to those of us that manage to survive will be enormous as industries reform themselves, probably for the long term and zombie businesses which have been living off the oxygen of low interest rates over the last few years finally collapse and their revenue moves to more viable businesses.

As for Funding Nav our offer has never been more relevant than now as we work with businesses to help them both survive and thrive both in spite of and because of the current health emergency.

Stay safe.

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