Is Now The Time To Acquihire?

One of the most successful entrepreneurs that we work for is an immigrant who has built a profitable business with almost 50 international subsidiaries in 20 years. The group turnover is over £1bn and the business is highly profitable and cash generative. Each subsidiary is run by a highly motivated team with an equity share. The remarkable thing about this business is that it has never paid for goodwill to fuel this growth.

Instead, talent is attracted because of the equity position and because of the strong base of resources that the group helps to facilitate. The group is now on the hunt for teams that can help it to further consolidate its industry because now is a great time to attract talent that may have been furloughed or had a pay cut or a reduction in employee benefits. If you can offer the talent a vision of a better future then it is possible to acquire business for the cost of some additional overhead.

So successful is this strategy that Harvard Business School is doing a case study at the moment which may make this a trend. That is, of course, a huge threat and opportunity for business owners that need to consider very carefully both their moral position on this strategy and also whether they will be the hunter or the prey.

At Funding Nav we are definitely viewing Acquihiring as a huge opportunity both for ourselves and also for our clients whom we are assisting to execute this.

Let me know if this is something that you want to discuss

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