Festival Of Enterprise

The Funding Nav Team are frankly less than excited about the prospect of spending two days this week at https://www.festivalofenterprise.co.uk/ held at the 70's monolith in the car park of West Midlands Airport referred to as the NEC.

We look forward to meeting all the wannabes and dreamers who having seen Lord Sugar's boardroom and the Dragons stripped out warehouse on TV have decided that they are now entrepreneurs ready to meet the demands of business and make themselves Bill Gates like wads of cash in the process.

We expect these hopeless dreamers to arrive in a trancelike state onto Funding Nav's no expense spared stand (H76) from early Wednesday morning through Thursday afternoon.

Like Martin Luther King, most have a dream but they have no experience or money that they are prepared to commit. Instead they come in search of both inspiration and investors.

The Funding Nav team will politely offer them direction (to another stand).

However, amongst all of this frustration & mediocrity I am sure that we will find the odd nugget of gold. A true entrepreneur with a bankable business. We always do!

Often, they are truly humble, playing down both their track record and opportunity.

If we find just one, then the whole event will have been a big success and will result in a mutually profitable relationship.

Fingers Crossed!!


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