Asleep At The Wheel

Last December police in Redwood City, California, spotted a Tesla car driving at 70mph down a dual carriageway at 3am with the driver asleep at the wheel. The police eventually managed to stop it by overtaking it and then gradually slowing down which caused it to slow down and eventually stop.

Tesla claim that by the end of next year all their drivers will be able to fall asleep as they leave their origin and wake up as they arrive at their destination. To be fair Tesla's claims are always a little tardy but they do tend to get there in the end.

Personally I can't wait, because I find driving so dull and such a waste of time but I'm also a bit nervous about the whole idea.

If technology really can drive better than we can, I wonder how long before Lewis Hamilton finds himself out of work as robots start to overhaul us in all aspects of driving including Formula 1?

Now, that really will be a spectacle guaranteed to send you to sleep!

#travel #technology

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