Our Modern(ish) Monarchy.

Living standards in Morocco are low by international standards and have declined continually since the early 1990s. As a result, the number of Moroccans living below the poverty line has risen sharply in the last decade. On a recent trip myself there I was struck with how backwards and poor the place is.

Like our great country, Morocco is a monarchy and is ruled by King Mohammed VI. King Mo6 spends £1m a year on pet food and twice that on his wardrobe. His 12 palaces are kept fully stocked and staffed and air conditioned at a constant 17 degrees in case he decides to suddenly turn up at one in one of his sports cars which are paraded before him each morning so that he can decide which one to drive that day.

Recently he entertained our much more modern and enlightened royals Harry and Meghan when they visited him in Rabat last month.

Now, Harry and Meghan are of course much more in tune with their subjects than King Mo6 and would never be seen to be frivolous or less than genuine as he might to his less enlightened subjects especially since Harry's days of nude pool playing in Vegas and dressing up in Nazi fancy dress are over.

The use of a private jet to ship Megan home from her New York baby shower and the use of a helicopter last week to take them to Birmingham to talk to children about how we should all be reducing our carbon footprint was of course perfectly reasonable.

We are so fortunate to have such a sensitive and sensible Royal Family!


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