Dot Com or Dot Cotten? (not a typo)

Dot Cotton is a modern day phenomena. She has smoked her way through 30 years of East Enders and is still going strong.

Dot Com on the other hand was of course the collapse of the internet industry which occurred half way through Dot Cottons soap opera reign, so she outlived that, although it is coming back strongly now.

Dot's other namesake (not Nick) but Gerald Cotten tragically died recently at the age of 30. Gerald ran Canada's biggest crypto exchange called Qadriga CX. Gerald it seems was the only person who knew the password to access the £145m that was held in its crypto wallets. Apparently it's inaccessible even if you know his mothers maiden name.

It's difficult to accept the argument that crypto is the future of money when value can be destroyed in this way.

I'll bet Nick Cotton had something to do with it!

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