Skandi Thriller

Tryg, the largest insurer in Denmark said last week that Danes make £500m a year from fake insurance claims which is an astonishing £85 per head.

And what lengths they will go to!

One Dane cut his little finger off with a buzz saw and another allegedly borrowed an excavator before digging a 5m hole which he pushed his car into (although I do remember a case here some years ago where Lord Charlie Brocket buried his collections of Ferraris and Maseratis for the same reason.

The stand out winner however literally cost the perpetrator an arm and a leg. In 2000 he chopped off his own hand with an angle grinder but then ironically became a Nordic walking champion. On a training jaunt in Latvia the father of three apparently stuck his leg onto a railway line which the next train amputated for him just above the knee. Sadly his £1.4m claim was rejected by his insurers as a court ruled this was a deliberate act.

If moneys tight, don't fake an insurance claim! Contact instead- It will be less painful!


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