Best Job In The World?

At number one on my Best Job in The World list is - Football Agent.

Imagine a business where the barrier to entry is a £500 sign-up fee and then £250 per year which is the cost of a license and the return can be as much as £41m on a single deal as agent Mino Raiola received when Paul Pogba moved from Juventas to Manchester United for £89m in 2016. Well that is the crazy world of the football agent. An occupation that has unsurprisingly quadrupled in the last three years and serves no useful purpose except to provide gainful employment to footballer’s families most of whom are ill equipped to advise their multi-millionaire relative. It is estimated that £1.3bn was paid to football agents in 2017 alone.

Football agents are truly the unacceptable face of capitalism but hey, good luck to them if they can get away with exploiting clubs and players and the establishment allows it.

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