Second Best Job In The World

At number two on my list of best jobs in the world is an excellent career for those intent on destroying value for others whilst earning good money themselves- Stock Brokers.

Equity Analysts and stock brokers in the City of London can expect to earn 6 figure salaries plus bonuses.

Russ Mold, investment director of AJ Bell has just published last years results from this industry that aggregate stock recommendations across the City. Shamefully, if investors followed their recommendations then they would be 17% down on the year against trackers which would have been down 12% in the year. Of course both of these performances are somewhat shy of just stashing your loot under the mattress.

So, my recommendation for 2019 is to buy mattress stocks because they are the most reliable store of value, certainly much better than employing clowns to pick shares for you!

If you have staff not pulling their weight then contact

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