Back To The Future.

I have been spending the weekend in Marrakech and very pleasant it was too.

Walking round the soukh, you are reminded how tough a real market actually is. Countless competitors are up against each other with little by way of USP, all willing to negotiate pricing down to just above cost. Some actually make the products that they sell in front of you and they definitely gain more attention and a premium price over their competition. This offering of experience is definitely the way forward for retailers in more developed markets such as the UK too which we can see by the profusion of nail bars and hair dressers that dominate our secondary shopping areas nowadays.

The other slightly concerning thought that I had is how a nation with such poverty sits adjacent to the EU and it's no wonder therefore that we fish hopeful migrants daily out of the Mediterranean and the Channel. One hopes that Brexit and our aspiration to do more trade with The Commonwealth (much of which is in Africa) does not see us ultimately aspire to achieve Moroccan living standards.

To discuss your USP or BREXIT preperations contacy

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