How Not To Impress.

Maybe it's that most millenials communicate either by short message services or on social media or maybe it's that they don't read enough or maybe they just don't think it's that important? It certainly can't be ignorance, if for no other reason that the device that you write your CV on will highlight any spelling and grammatical errors by underlining them and allow you to correct them with the press of a button.

A review of 20,000 CVs submitted online found that nine in ten of them had misspelled words.

A glaring five or more errors were discovered in 12,666 of those looked at with the worst offenders cropping up repeatedly.

The adding of an apostrophe where people listed their GCSE results was written into 691 CVs, the analysis by recruitment search engine revealed, as people kept referring to their "GCSE's".

This grammatical mistake, which indicates someone or something’s possession of another, also affected KPIs - Key Performance Indicators - 403 times, when used to describe their previous employment successes.

‘A Levels’ is another victim of this basic rule, but the blunders do not stop at apostrophes. Incredibly they also include those words which are meant to best promote the prospective employee’s skills and aptitudes.

‘Experience’ became ‘Experiance’ 62 times, with ‘Responsibilities’ and ‘Professional’ following closely behind with 60 and 53 errors respectively. ‘Liaising’ and ‘Strategising’ completed the Top 5 line-up of misspelled words found on CVs uploaded to website's in-house résumé analysis tool.

Don't they get it?

Saying you give attention to detail isn't the same as demonstrating it.

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