When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Twitch TV Star!

Oddly, when I visited my school careers advisor back in 1980 the option of becoming a Twitch TV star wasn't one of the careers suggested to me.

Twitch TV is a platform where the yoof can narrate their way round computer games from the comfort of their bedrooms whilst their peers pay to view.

It is difficult to imagine how gripping it must be to watch others succeed in virtual worlds including Destiny 2, Ark and Overwatch.

I suppose that this "Brave New World" where young people are removed further and further from the real world to becoming voyeurs in a virtual world is a dividend of artificial intelligence in more ways than one but it makes me glad I was born half a century ago!

Interesting to see how the British Army are getting to grips with their recruitment issues as their pool declines as a consequence. The kind of adventure they offer is evidently a bit too real.

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#games #recruitment

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