Would You Trust This Lot To Run Your Company?

Imagine if business leaders faced with tough choices effectively closed their companies down and laid off the staff until the issues were resolved.

Welcome to politics, 2019 style!

Trump (ex TV Apprentice) has thrown his toys out of the pram until the Democrats spunk up the cash to build the wall that he told us all the Mexicans would build until their president told him to F*** off. Now in the UK we have a bipartisan group led by Yvonne Cooper whose claim to fame is being married to a runner up on Strictly Come Dancing threatening to effectively close down the UK government by blocking The Finance Bill.

It seems that politics nowadays a load of third rate egotists with no ability to compromise who are more than willing to put their own interests above that of their electorate.

Interestingly entrepreneur Simon Franks who set up the website Lovefilm is, like the rest of us so sick of this that he has announced his intention to set up a new political party, not as a vehicle for himself but as a way for real people to gain the control back through technology. He wants to call It United For Change but maybe he should cut the crap and just call it The JFDI Party!

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