I'm A Team Player....

.....is a feature of virtually every CV isn't it?

Data suggests otherwise however, unless you are recruiting young children or chimps!

A team of German and American scientists recently set out to explore the interplay of social life, competition and cooperation. Their results were published last week in The Proceedings Of The Royal Society B and they highlight how we, as adults are driven to outdo each other regardless of the damage this might do to ourselves.

Three groups were tested, young children aged between five and six, older children and chimpanzees. They each had two choices, whilst sitting opposite a counterpart of the same species,

they were offered a choice of two trays of treats, on the first were two three treats where they would receive two and the counterpart, one and on the second were nine treats where they would get three and the counterpart, six.

The younger children and the chimps all took the logical choice of the greatest value for them both but the older children almosted always acted irrationally and chose the smaller values because it gave them a relative advantage over their counterpart.

So, it might be worth probing a bit deeper, next time an applicant claims to be a team player by offering them some tough choices to see whether they are more chimp than human.

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