Still Off Work?...You are probably not American!

How is it that three bank holidays has magically been transformed into a two week national holiday with most people breaking up in late December and not returning to work until virtually mid January?

According to a report by The Rand Corporation the average American worker worked 99 hours or about 13 days more than the average Brit last year and according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development American workers are also more productive, generating $63.50 for their economy for each hour worked compared to our $48.10.

Americans are rightly better rewarded for their toil and results bringing in an average $60,558 compared to our $43,732 annually.

We are a bit more satisfied in our work 56% against 51% in the US and we do have much better perks including longer holidays, enforced breaks and universal healthcare and of course many more workers rights rather than in the US where workers can often be hired and fired at will.

If we really want to make our way in the world post Brexit and compete outside of Europe then we all need to become more productive and that probably means an end to the 2 week yuletide malaise. Ho ho ho!

If you want to discuss productivity strategies then please email

#productivity #holidays

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