What's your New Year's Revolution?

Yesterday my friend asked me what my big goal is for 2019.

Like most people I just want to be a bit happier, healthier and more satisfied than I am right now and I want to avoid disasters.

Noble, aspirations but not exactly Specific or Measurable.

So I kicked it around for a bit and came up with three (almost) daily small tasks that if I stick to them will get me to my flaky goals.-

1) Cycle to town rather than tube it whenever the weather allows.

2) Do something to make my wife happy every day.

3) Post to the Funding Nav blog and social feeds every week day.

I figure that if I stick to these small things and avoid getting run over by a bus (real or metaphorical) then I will be healthier, happier and wealthier in a years time.

How about you and your business? What SMART goals can you set for 2019? If you want to discuss then please contact me at stephen.sacks@fundingnav.com

#2019 #goals

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