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Your career has probably been disrupted by the gathering pace of change. Outsourcing, A.I. and the swift changes in customer sentiment mean that we must all work hard to stay relevant. Maybe you've been "downsized," several times and have now decided that maybe you need to take matters into your own hands.

Maybe you should invest in a franchise?

After all, franchises offer all of the advantages of self-employment but with fewer risks, don't they?

Or in reality, in many cases are you just buying yourself a job, and then a job where you have to do all of the work of customer acquisition when you aren't selling your hours?

The issue with most franchises is just that, they offer you a system for doing the work that you bill for but they are light on the detail of how you get that work in the first place, certainly, this key component tends not to be part of the system.

Business coaching franchises represent one of the biggest growth areas in the mid-price franchise world but they don't really explain how you acquire clients beyond attending endless networking events which are inevitably full of other coaches. In fact, business coaches represent the single largest category of attendees in groups such as 4Networking.

Then, on the off chance that you do eventually meet a real business owner, you need to convince them that you can offer them several thousand pounds of value each month helping do what they have been doing quite successfully themselves already.

And even if you do achieve that, you need to keep them coming back, month after month whilst at the same time investing sufficient time in the mindless networking with other coaches to both sustain and even build your practice.

Most professional service franchises are very light on facts around the cost of customer acquisition and lifetime customer value but unless you know these two figures then nothing else makes any sense.

Funding Nav has just launched their brand new franchise opportunity that guarantees your return on investment, where you only interact with businesses at their point of most pain and most value ie some kind of funding transaction and where you follow a system of customer acquisition but actually do very little work. Certainly, the solutions that you will be delivering to clients are remunerated relative to their impact, not relative to your hours.

It is therefore quite possible to earn thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds for a few meetings with a client that deliver them huge value.

We are only looking for ten franchisees this year and each one will be trained by our founder how to prospect, 500 new clients, every week that is included in our fees without attending a single networking event.

Franchisees will be trained then, to close deals that offer huge value to clients so that they start to recommend to their friends.

This new franchise opportunity stands out from the rest of the market for several reasons-

1) Customer deal flow is included in the price and is not an extra that you are expected to generate yourself in addition.

2) You get paid for results that relate to deals that can often be a % of millions of pounds rather than for the hours that you work.

To find out more call Stephen Sacks on 07768111234 or email at

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