You are virtually redundant already!

Matt Ridley wrote in The Times this week that we only spend 10% of our lives at work.

He assumed that we start work after graduating at 23 and continue until 65 but live until 80 meaning your working life is just over half of your life. Then given an average working week of 39 hours out of a possible 168 in that time, holidays and sickness he comes out with 10%.

Its possible that this might represent a low point in employment percentage or alternatively the amount of work that we d in our lifetimes will continue to diminish as AI makes increasing amounts of our jobs redundant.

In any event the productivity of a piece of equipment that works from its delivery until its obsolescence relative to 10% of a human is obviously massively inequitable.

It will be fascinating to see the economic fallout from this over the next few years.

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