Bill says bill the robots

Bill Gates said in a recent interview that if robots are going to take all of our jobs then they will need to pay tax at a similar level as the staff they displace.

Recent research from Oxford University estimates that 57% of jobs across the OECD area of 35 countries is at risk of automation annihilation whilst the Bank of England recently claimed 15 million British jobs are in the firing line.

At the rate that Moore's law is exploding the capacity of processors this wont take long to realise and will make the displacement of labour during the first industrial revolution look tame.

The German car industry agree with Bill in principle but argue that you cannot tax robots like people as one robot can do the jobs of many people and billionaire Elon Musk rather charitably says that higher earners should pick up the slack left by the hole in the workforce that automation will create.

All seem to be avoiding the rather obvious question which is how are we going to fill the time left to us by the coming tsunami of automation.

Computer games perhaps?

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