Do you want custard on that?

Channel 4 has commissioned a 2nd series of A Very British Brothel which goes behind the scenes of Sheffield's ignominious City Sauna. Basically the gig is that Kath 53 & daughter Jenny 28 operate under an entertainment license a place where old blokes can pay to have sex with fat tattooed birds. The ladies really do cater for all tastes including Owen 63 who this week pitched up with 3 tins of 69p custard and asked fat tattooed lady Jo 32 to pour it all over him.

The sweet treat is poured into the specially dedicated Jacuzzi in the VIP suite he's hired for an hour with escort Jo, and Owen is heard behind the closed door in throes of ecstasy as he shouts: 'Oh yeah! All over!'

No question that Kath and Jenny are performing a real service for their punters as you can see from the great feedback that they attract

This week also saw them buy a camper van to take their service mobile which is very innovative.

Todays Times features an article detailing the prevalence of pop up brothels appearing all over the place to satisfy demand which no doubt together with AirBnB is one of the factors contributing to rental inflation.

Anyway the bottom line is that however sordid all this is and whatever your views on custard this is a £10 bn+ industry in the UK which employs in excess of 100,000 sex workers who earn on average £2000 per week tax free. Obviously as we can see from the "As seen on TV" label on Citys website regulation is light because running this establishment should be illegal.

It makes you wonder whether the British Franchise Association should start a new brothel category doesn't it?

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