Can I help you? No, just looking. That's 50p please or get out!

A post festive theme is emerging here!

Stephen Bloom the owner of a second hand bookshop in Yorkshire has started charging browsers 50p and in addition is rude to them branding some "a pain in the arse." One customer was told he was not allowed to browse if he wasn't buying.

Bloom 63 says in typical blunt Yorkshire "I am not really a people person, I say what I think and I don't butter my parsnips (whatever that means) I am low to medium rude!"

To be fair to Bloom if any industry needed to reinvent itself post Amazon its his and conversion rates definitely need improving for book retailers to survive, however scaring browsers off probably isn't the best idea.

Funding Nav thinks that rather like the antique shop in Dorset the way to go is to find out what your visitors want and give them that to convert more into customers rather than chase them away. Maybe Bloom could bring in a coffee machine and make a couple of quid from browsers, increase their browse time and the chances of them buying?

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