Don't f**k with the employees

There is a bit of a theme going here but that's just because its still slow season and frankly sex sells!

Bikram Choudhary who gave his name to a worldwide franchise business where punters contort themselves in super heated rooms has been forced to hand over the keys to his empire to an employee who claimed successfully that Bikram was a sexual predator who preyed on his young female devotees.

Bikram previously claimed that a drop of his sperm was worth $1m. Sadly for him that hasn't proven to be true because the former head of his legal team Minakshi Jafa-Bodden has insisted damages of $6.7m including costs be spunked up in cash rather than just spunked up!

Surprisingly Bikrams fleet of 43 cars which with 13 Rollers and 8 Bentleys sounds more like the inventory of Jack Barclays showroom together with his rather tasteful diamond encrusted watch worth a reputed $1m have all gone AWOL according to reports.

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