R&D Tax credits reward businesses smart and brave enough to invest in growth possibilities.


Many business owners do not understand what is allowable and what is not. They are put off claiming by the seemingly complex small print and regulations.​ Even written off costs from 2 years ago are allowable. Additionally, some industries such as film and video games benefit from enhanced allowance.

A few examples are below:

A suit business exploring the possibility of creating a style of suit specific to the catering industry with the potential of opening up a new market to it.

A furniture business developing a range specifically for dentist waiting areas.

A recruitment business making changes to its CRM system to speed up its business process.

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The team at Funding Nav have worked with hundreds of customers, securing millions in relief for them. Every case is different, but the following are a few past customer examples:


Areas of R&D

  • Bespoke Water Treatment Facility

  • Analysis of Local Environment-Water Distribution

  • PH Levels-Treatment effective & safe

  • Advanced Recipe Formulation-Distinct Flavour

  • Enhanced Knowledge for Key Staff Members

  • R&D Additional Costs 2013/2014 £89.0k

  • Client Benefit £24.4k


Areas of R&D

  • Auto Cab Booking System 

  • Bespoke IT System 

  • Back Office Integration 

  • Development of Oyster Card Type Payment


  • Bespoke In Vehicle Terminal 

  • R&D Additional Costs 2013/2014 £297.0k 

  • Client Benefit £ 75.6k 


Areas of R&D

  • Heat Testing 

  • Molecular Reaction Testing 

  • Flavour Development Time 


  • Oxygen Exposure Time 

  • Bespoke Picking Application 

  • R&D Additional Costs 2012/2013 £157.0k 

  • Client Benefit £ 38.4k 


Areas of R&D

  • Development of CRM for own use

  • Development of CRM for Client use

  • Development of Unique Functionality  


  • Integration of IT, Telephony & Mobile device platforms 

  • R&D Additional Costs 2013/2014 £132k

  • Client Benefit £ 48k


Areas of R&D

  • The development of bespoke IT systems, or a customer relationship management system 

  • Making developments to improve the colouration or adhesion of ink on materials 

  • Removing toxic chemicals from products 

  • Trialing or testing the quality of print, and chemical reactions which may occur on new materials 


  • Trialing or testing of a new printing method or technique to meet a client’s needs, based on a specific project specification 

  • The development of 3D rendering techniques 

  • Typical claim in Print = £30k per annum 

  • R&D related staff costs & consumables form part of claim

We will get you the support you deserve.

Find out what you are entitled to. 

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