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    • Stephen Sacks

    Third Best Job In The World

    Starting today, my top three best jobs in the world.

    At number three- Advisor to JCB

    Now, footballers are highly paid entertainers, sometimes earning sums in excess of £100k per week.

    £100k per week works out at about £2,500 per hour over a 40 hour week which is pretty lucrative unless of course you are the ex Brexit secretary David Davis who has just taken on a role advising pro-Brexit JCB at the rate of £60k pa for what he estimates in the MP's register will be about 20 hours per year which makes his pay about £3,000 per hour.

    Not bad when set against his pay as an MP of £77,379 per year.

    His advice must be amazing, its a shame that he and his colleagues can't sort out the mess they have created in their day jobs, isn't it?

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