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    Business Tune Up
    Tax Analysis

    Every business is capable of being squeezed for more efficiency. We normally find that margins can be quickly grown by advising on innovative pricing strategies, moving away from commoditisation towards premium positioning and maximising capacity. In addition we look at-

    Advertising return and attribution

    Employees efficiency

    Debt Collection

    Creditor Payments

    Conversion Rates

    Customer Retention

    Average Sales Value

    Bank Fees and current lending


    Utilities and other suppliers


    Inventory Management

    Peer 2 Peer Funding

    Peer 2 peer funding including equity of up to £1m and unsecured lending of up to £500k. We work with all of the most reputable facilitators in this young and growing market https://www.ukbaa.org.uk/about/our-members/. We also operate our own Angel Networking clubs. For more details see https://fundingnav.envestry.com


    Up to £100m available repayable over 20 years. We work closely with sponsors who can help you raise cash from your own customer base and from high net worth investors both in the UK and in Asia and family offices across Europe. Our live database of over 16,000 investors is unsurpassed.

    Examination of your potential to rejig your tax arrangements and reclaim overpaid tax through R&D tax credits- We represent the largest tax reclaim company in the UK and together process 300 successful cases each month. We also look at other tax such as property and income.

    We have a good understanding of the myriad of grants available and how to access them.

    Lending Implementation

    Lending including unsecured cash advances of up to £500k, turnover loans of up to £500k, unsecured short term loans available same day up to £130k, unlimited secured funding, stock based finance and debtor based finance.

    You can even raise up to £300k for your retail business by borrowing against future credit card income. This type of lending is particularly suitable for seasonal businesses since repayments are a fixed % of credit card income. There is no APR but instead a fixed up front fee which will not increase if payments extend.

    We specialise in the introduction of Chinese Innovator Visa investors who are looking to place £200k into UK businesses and to take those businesses into China.

    Corporate Finance

    We advise the largest VC's in the UK and are charged with finding in excess of 20 deals annually to invest up to £50m each. We also can advise on exit strategies and how to maximise cash and equity and minimise any tax liability.

    We also introduce smaller businesses to larger ones as customers and also as potential stakeholders.