Cash Generation

How do we generate cash?


Equity Sources

Our own network contains over 17,000 angel investors, other angel networks, family offices, VC’s and private equity. We offer a low risk and highly effective route to getting your venture funded, regardless of what stage you are at. We have access to all UK company cap tables and a proven methodology of tapping potential shareholder interest across sectors.


Debt Sources

We have relationships with all of the leading banks, secondary lenders and P2P lenders. We can structure deals based on assets and cash flow. We can help to access CBILS that offer up to £250k unsecured or £5m secured for businesses affected by Covid 19.



We have created deals with venture debt, which is a high yield debt with an equity kicker. Venture debt is often overlooked by growing businesses as a viable alternative to selling equity.



Nowadays, M&A can pass for R&D, especially in tech. Getting equity, debt or indeed resource from a potential acquirer is quite common. Creating synergy and value from linking businesses formally or informally is a niche area where we excel.


External Free Cash

Are there any more pleasing words than “free cash” in the business dictionary? There are so many tax and grant funding opportunities such as R&D and VGTR, which are often overlooked. The apprentice levy is now a huge potential opportunity for many businesses. We can help you maximise the free cash available for your business.


Internal Free Cash

However lean you think your business is, there is always more cash you can raise by improving your operations. How much stock are you carrying? Why is your WIP as high as it is? What are your quality costs? Our business improvement experts will audit your operation and advise where you might be able to squeeze a bit harder.

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