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    More Sales Now!

    So many funding based services offering access to both debt and equity concentrate on accessing often costly external sources of capital. When of course, the best and most economic source of sustainable funding for any business is the cash generated by sales.

    In developing our own business which is reliant on us constantly identifying new prospects, nurturing them into leads and then converting them into sales we have developed an economically scalable series of systems that we are able to help clients to access and succeed in growing their own business.

    We have used this system to sell products as diverse as equity, energy auditing, Christmas hampers, wellness and furniture but can offer interesting and innovative solutions to most businesses.

    We like working on a pay per lead basis as that offers clients that have a good understanding of their lifetime customer value a real win/win.

    Imagine, having a daily supply of new qualified leads that have been nurtured and are now looking to speak to your sales team in person in order to close. That is what we offer!

    We also offer a free sales review for potential clients where we give feedback on existing sales processes and suggestions on improvements and how we can supercharge them whilst charging on a per lead basis.