Who are Funding Nav?


First and foremost, we’re a growing team of experienced entrepreneurs with multi-industry track records.

We’ve created businesses. We’ve been through your pain. We’ve experienced your problems. And we’ve triumphed. Call it real-world experience. Call it skin in the game. Whatever you call it, we’ve been there and got the t-shirt. Then we sold the t-shirt and bought more. We’re entrepreneurs, after all.

SMEs are the Core of British Business


Together, we believe in the vibrancy of the UK’s small and medium businesses. Post-Brexit and in the middle of a pandemic, the country desperately needs to find leadership and inspiration from this sector.

Since 2008 we saw the collapse in commercial support that the high street banks had been offering to the SME business sector. As the banks struggled to rebuild their own balance sheets, they pushed up the cost of finance to SMEs when rates were at a record low for everyone else.

We didn’t like that. So we created Funding Nav to help SME clients compete on even terms for Funding and marketing. If a business can’t grow due to a lack of capital, Funding, vision or sales, we can remove those constraints.


Our offices are in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our international team prides itself on delivering real results measured in actual cash to businesses that have often failed to find support elsewhere.








Our Team

Alan Turner



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I have spent the bulk of my career in the technology sector working initially for a couple of large IT systems manufacturers and latterly focussing on software and services. Having exited a software consultancy business in 1999 that I co-founded, I have indulged myself in the horse racing and breeding industry and continued to look for innovative tech businesses to work with and, on occasions, invest in as an angel. These days, as a Funding Nav Partner, I am mainly focussed on helping early stage and growth businesses improve their respective cash positions. When I’m not working, I enjoy cycling and walking.

Frank Nuamah



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 I am a qualified Solicitor with extensive experience. Although my expertise is in the legal field, I have substantial business experience and I am passionate to assist businesses to succeed in their individual chosen business portfolio. I believe my experience and knowledge acquired in the legal field is best placed to guide businesses to succeed in this challenging global economy. Family time is very important to me, I play football on Saturdays, and spend quality time with my wife and 3 wonderful but exhausting children! 

Wayne Mace



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I am a successful Business Manager with extensive experience within the property and retail sectors. I am passionate about helping business owners make their businesses more profitable and deliver the best funding at the lowest cost. As a business owner myself I understand that business is personal and through hard work I can support any business to be more successful.

In my spare time I am a father to two wonderful daughters and a keen runner.

Mark Molnar



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I work with Entrepeneurs and Business Owners, helping them find Investment and Funding to acheive their business goals.


In addition, I help businesses obtain Grants and make cost savings in areas such as R&D Tax, Capital Allowances, Energy and Forex.


Out if work I enjoy playing tennis and cycling, as well as travelling and spending time with family.

Stephen Sacks



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I founded Funding Nav to be the advisor that I wished I would have had access to when i was running trading companies for 30 years.

My passion is helping entrepreneurs to realise their ambitions and of course my wife,four daughters and Barry the Pug,

Piyush Sanghani



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Starting and managing my own business combined with my education and constant research has expanded my experience in various fields from management to finance to marketing. Time management, good work ethics, quality in performance, combined with a highly analytical mindset are some of the key skills I have developed from an early age.

I qualified with a first-class honour’s degrees in Business studies with financial management and hold a master’s degree in financial analysis from a top 10 U.K. University. My experience spans from retail, finance, business consulting and property.

I enjoy keeping fit and spending time with my family.

Seamus Durack



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 I had a career as a professional NH jockey and have maintained an involvement in horseracing and bloodstock since retirement. I have experience in commercial finance and I am also co-founder of a nutraceutical company targetting the anti-ageing and beauty markets. 

James Thompson



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My background is in strategic business & franchise consulting, entrepreneurship, as well as commercial, contract & supply chain management within the oil, gas & construction industries, working in the UK, Europe & Africa.


I enjoy the outdoors primarily through my passion for adventure travel and self-supported Ultra Marathons that have taken me all over the world.

Steve Mcnulty



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Fully aware of the pressures and challenges  of Corporate, SME, & Sole Trader environments, with extensive experience in business solutions across most sizes, types and sectors.

Strong process and project skills, often relating to manufacturing, distribution and finance, with a track record of recoveries with minimised risk and maximised benefits.

Director/owner of consultancy, caravan park and software system businesses.

I enjoy the countryside, snooker and F1.

Mo Iftekhar



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I am a qualified accountant with over 40 years business, accountancy and consulting experience to call upon. Helping businesses grow and prosper!


I am a keen reader – technical and non-technical and love football. Any spare time is spent with family and on local charity work.

Mike Howard



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I am lucky to possess a mixed and varied career encompassing Entrepreneurial  Recruitment & Telecoms, Snr. Corporate Telecoms, Business Broking, SME’s and Mergers & Acquisitions. In the UK, North America and Australia.

It is this experience variety that enables me to relate to most Business Owners situations, whatever size, and indeed I pride myself in identifying the ‘need’ that entrepreneurs look for in realising their ambitions.

Outside of work I enjoy travel, current affairs, and Chelsea F.C. And a glass of red.

Steve Cozens



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I have been very fortunate to have worked across many sectors but the one constant is I like to help businesses achieve their goals by understanding their needs.  is this experience I bring to Funding Nav.

Outside of work I love my sport, more watching than taking part these days. My spare time is spent with family and walking my dog “Frank”

Dr. Hussayn Salem



David Gelling




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Dr. Hussayn Salem, is a successful serial entrepreneur, scientist, and leading technology expert. Having started and exited several successful ventures, Dr Salem currently advises early through to late-stage ventures and offers his experiences to help guide and mentor founders (particularly those with highly technical backgrounds) to establish and implement better business practices. His approach demystifies the seemingly complicated fundraising needs of companies, which is more often than not, missing from his client's knowledge base.


Dr Salem joins Funding Nav, believing strongly in the critical ethos and strategy that the organisation upholds, and brings his technical, attention to detail, and years of experience coupled with his contagious passion and enthusiasm to achieve success.

I have Worked in Distribution and Supply Chain for 20 years for a large Fortune 500 company. Now I run and operate a successful Manufacturing and Engineering business which supports numerous global industries.

With the challenges I have faced and overcome, I know why it is important to find the right business partner to help your business grow, plus improve efficiency and profitability. Ambitious and passionate at finding business solutions quickly and effectively to help make you and your business thrive.

Success is what drives me each day, my family is what makes it all worthwhile.

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Asum Shah



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As Head of Research I serve as a point of contact for our analysts. With extensive experience in the financial sector, my role it to find solutions to problems, build on our analysts great ideas and ensure processes are executed to the highest degree of success.


In my spare time I love being outdoors, cycling and hanging out with my little Scottish Terrier Blu.

As a business analyst my core responsibilities are to initiate conversations with prospective investors. As a start-up/investor match maker if you will, I am genuinely passionate about the innovative start-ups we look to expand. 


Away from work I enjoy being active and keeping up with the rugby and football along with boxing because who doesnt love to watch a good knockout.

I started off in the carpet cleaning business and grew it to 30 vans. Following this, I bought an Indian street food franchise servicing the entirety of London and is currently actively involved in another food franchise.


I am particularly interested in hospitality, catering, manufacturing & retail.

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Kaylin Meyer

Head of Research


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Michael Joyce

Business Analyst


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I am passionate about finding the key to unlocking company value. My work at Funding Nav certainly gives me plenty of scope.

When not working I like most sports and cooking.

Clayton Von Belen

Business Analyst


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I have a keen interest in business analytics and support the partners and clients with data modelling.

When not working I like reading and films.

Devyn Trent-Abrahams

Business Analyst


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As a Business Analyst my key focus is on finding the ideal investors for the innovative clients we have the pleasure of working with. I am passionate about assisting them in their respective raises and I strive to always make the most valuable introductions. 


Being an extremely competitive athlete I enjoy all exercise, especially football and boxing.

Kerry-Lee Depontes

Virtual Assistant


I work as the virtual assistant to all at funding Nav. I have a background in public relations which provides me with the skills I need to assist my fellow colleagues and partners. 

I enjoy fictional books and movies (Harry Potter). I love spending time with family and friends playing games and have always loved having animals around like my little hamster Dobby. 

Michael Diem

Business Analyst


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I am an admitted attorney of the High Court with a master’s degree in the field of International Commercial Law.


I vehemently believe that my experience gained in legal business practice has broadened my knowledge base and has equipped me with the precise set of skills necessary to realize business potential.

I am a sportsman in general, albeit an avid golfer and enjoy time with family and traveling the world. 

Nikita Depontes

Business Analyst


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I am a qualified Attorney who has spent majority of my professional career dealing with the legal aspects surrounding business. I am well versed in international commercial law having completed a master’s degree in 2016. I am passionate about the fruitfulness of small businesses and am driven to assist them in achieving the same.


I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and animals (the greatest facilitators of happiness).

Curt Joshua
Business Analyst

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