Alan Turner



Clayton Von Belen

Business Analyst


I started my career in horse racing and went on to be involved in a number of tech businesses and hospitality ventures. I have an eye for innovative funding opportunities.

I am a keen cyclist and enjoy walking the dog in Greenwich Park.

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I have a keen interest in business analytics and support the partners and clients with data modelling.

When not working I like reading and films.

Curt Joshua

Business Analyst


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I am passionate about finding the key to unlocking company value. My work at Funding Nav certainly gives me plenty of scope.

When not working I like most sports and cooking.

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Kaylin Meyer

Head of Research


As Head of Research I serve as a point of contact for our analysts. With extensive experience in the financial sector, my role it to find solutions to problems, build on our analysts great ideas and ensure processes are executed to the highest degree of success.


In my spare time I love being outdoors in the lovely South African climate I currently reside in. I also have a Business Science Degree from Monash University, Australia.

Michael Joyce

Business Analyst


As a business analyst my core responsibilities are to track, initiate conversation with and then pitch our clients' start-ups to prospective individuals. I am passionate about the innovative start-ups we look to expand. We do what we can to make sure that our investors are qualified and that their interest is genuine. I do this by sieving through hundreds of prospects in order to find the right investors for the right start-ups, a start-up/investor match maker if you like. Above and beyond this I undertake research in order to assist our clients in alternative forms of investment that could benefit them.


Away from work I enjoy being active and keeping up with the rugby and football along with boxing

Devyn Trent-Abrahams

Business Analyst


As a Business Analyst my key focus is on finding the ideal investors for the innovative clients we have the pleasure of working with. I am passionate about assisting them in their respective raises and I strive to always make the most valuable introductions. 


Being n extremely competitive athlete I enjoy all exercise, especially football and boxing.

Mark Molnar



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I work with Entrepeneurs and Business Owners, helping them find Investment and Funding to acheive their business goals.


In addition, I help businesses obtain Grants and make cost savings in areas such as R&D Tax, Capital Allowances, Energy and Forex.


Out if work I enjoy playing tennis and cycling, as well as travelling and spending time with family.

Stephen Sacks



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I founded Funding Nav to be the advisor that I wished I would have had access to when i was running trading companies for 30 years.

My passion is helping entrepreneurs to realise their ambitions and of course my wife,four daughters and Barry the Pug,

Piyush Sanghani



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Starting and managing my own business combined with my education and constant research has expanded my experience in various fields from management to finance to marketing. Time management, good work ethics, quality in performance, combined with a highly analytical mindset are some of the key skills I have developed from an early age.

I qualified with a first-class honour’s degrees in Business studies with financial management and hold a master’s degree in financial analysis from a top 10 U.K. University. My experience spans from retail, finance, business consulting and property.

I enjoy keeping fit and spending time with my family.

Mo Iftekhar



Mike Howard



I am lucky to possess a mixed and varied career encompassing Entrepreneurial  Recruitment & Telecoms,  Snr. Corporate Telecoms, Business Broking, SME’s and Mergers & Acquisitions. In the UK, North America and Australia.

It is this experience variety that enables me to relate to most Business Owners situations, whatever size, and indeed I pride myself in identifying the ‘need’ that entrepreneurs look for in realising their ambitions.

Outside of work I enjoy travel, current affairs, and Chelsea F.C. And a glass of red.

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I am a qualified accountant with over 40 years business, accountancy and consulting experience to call upon. Helping businesses grow and prosper!


I am a keen reader – technical and non-technical and love football. Any spare time is spent with family and on local charity work.

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Steve Cozens



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I have been very fortunate to have worked across many sectors but the one constant is I like to help businesses achieve their goals by understanding their needs.  is this experience I bring to Funding Nav.

Outside of work I love my sport, more watching than taking part these days. My spare time is spent with family and walking my dog “Frank”

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I have worked in several sectors from retail to construction and have gained vast knowledge and experience. 

In my spare time, I am involved in my local community, working, and volunteering

in local projects. I play football and go to the gym


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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

Asum Shah



Jane Doe

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